Pharaoh Santana – ‘Playboy’

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Pharaoh Santana is a 24 year old rapper and actor from Westchester, Los Angeles.

A graduate of New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, he also has his own multi-media company, New America Digital.

His acting resume includes, starring in Amazon Prime’s post apocalyptic comedy “Nuke City”, as well as Facebook Watch’s satirical news show “Fake News At Night”, both produced by New America Digital.

After live performances at The Observatory OC and Webster Hall, Santana released “Moonlight”, his first critically acclaimed music video amassing over 130,000 views in its first two weeks.

In January of 2020, Santana released “PS1”, a 10 song project into the mind and experiences of his past and future hopes.

It’s a new year and Pharaoh Santana is back with a new single..👇🏾

Watch Pharaoh Santana – Playboy :- (video)


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Girls Reppin Rap Ish 2020 !!!

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What can I say huh ? 2020 has been an absolute madness year….

With disease, sports events, politricks and human disater….

With there being many ‘lockdowns’ globally, the United Kingdom has been at the epicentre of world media.

Thankfully with the majority of the country embracing digital technology, many digital DJ’s kept transmission poppin’..

Loss of lives internationally, from Kobe Bryant and  Andre Herrel to UK’s very own rap dons Black The Ripper and TY.

I just figured let me give y’all ten dope ass female UK rappers that I’ve been feelin and reppin in 2020 on the BigPromoShow !

… streamed each and every week in the UK & the USA !!!!! &

Click the images below to  👀  the rappers vids !!!!

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MSL Feat Courage – ‘Long Way’

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Moses Lule, aka MSL is a Ugandan/British artist from West London who is gaining a reputation as London’s hottest up-and-coming rapper.

MSL started writing his own music at the age of 12, and continued his work in the underground rap scene.

By the age of 26, MSL had featured on multiple visual music platforms such as GRM Daily, Link Up TV, SBTV, P110 and Charlie Sloths’ Fire in the Streets and Gas or Trash.

MSL continues to get played on many radio stations across the scene including (but not limited to) BBC Asian Network, Pulse, The Beat 1036FM, Flex FM, and Reprezent Radio.

MSL continues to show growth and versatility with two of his releases reaching over 110,00 views.

More recently, MSL released an innovative and powerful EP showcasing various other artists including Jozzi, a Ugandan afro-beat rapper.

He also won a competition where he joined Sneakbo on the ‘I Used To’ remix which racked up 196,000 views on Sneakbo’s personal YouTube account.

Fronted by the dynamic, innovative and creative mind of this West London rapper, MSL delivers a powerful, and utterly uniqueness to his craft.

A modern-day poet in his own right, MSL’s fanbase continues to grow daily, and his social media platform continues to thrive with various different companies wanting to collaborate.

MSL’s debut single ‘Long Way’ featuring Courage is set to shake-up the scene ready for the festive season.

West London born rapper, MSL, debut single drops on one of the biggest platforms to emerge from the UK rap scene, GRM Daily.

Watch MSL Feat Courage – Long Way (GrmDaily) :-

The sought after single ‘Long Way’ is from MSL’s most recent EP ‘Intuitive’.

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Rehousing The Digital DJ !

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It’s a completely different look as to what IS pop radio in the last 5/6 years… (haha) !!

..Radio DJ/ Video DJ / Club DJ..

My lane has always been to represent what is popular black music culture, be it as a DJ, artist manager or working in the record labels as A&R.

The last couple years has definitely  seen a truer reflection of what is popular youth culture, the influx of certificated UK pop rap a decade ago was welcome just for the acknowledgement and recognition of the UK rap scene !

It was also the birth of all the UK black music social media reportees..  a decade later these video blog sites and DJ’s really embracing the digital world has been pivotal for domestic rap music success. The last few years of UK rap embracing (Hip Hop / Grime / Trap / Drill / Reggae and Afro Beats) is an honest and popular storyboard for what is happening with UK black music.

Digital distributors and labels facilitating purchasing of music via the net unto your listening device was a game changer for the very underground domestic rap scene, it accelerated even more when just ‘streaming’ a song was being recognised as chart eligible. This has been represented by the now more reflective, hard hitting, truer renditions of working class, council housed, ethnically diverse music allowed to be heard by a national youth demographic and charting 😊

Broadcast platforms in step with music and culture changes, have sought to have radio DJ’s reporting the musical passion of this new UK rap fan base. National and regional broadcasters have introduced much more daytime and specialist exposure to their audiences. From the Capital, BBC, Apple, Kiss, Radar networks to numerous regional community stations all now have more affinity with domestic rap.  It has led to even mixtapes being available on digital platforms and with a handful of accompanying music videos on popular UK Rap video channels, achieving top 5 success in the Official UK charts.

These popular broadcasters have also seen fit to introduce many more females reporting the black music culture (rap/reggae/r&b/afrobeats) to an appreciative audience. Let’s be honest, most teenagers have a smart phone / tablet / laptop and the genres of music available for them to listen to has been way more reflective and UK rap has definitely been embraced.  Broadcasters have seen the power of DJ’s (specialist/daytime), this has influenced playlists and with more chart success influenced more broadcasters to change their playlists and create more shows to reflect the music genre.

I salute and celebrate the DJ and the broadcaster’s acting accordingly in these digital times, some major national radio stations have even brought back past DJ’s and reinstated them with new shows. Prior to the dreaded Covid 19, rappers were visible at the biggest, most prestigious UK music festivals and winning prestigious UK music awards like The Brits, Ivor Novello’s etc. The DJ merry go round is an intriguing dance of musical chairs but the last half decade, coupled with the large Rap video channels being treated as the digital DJ’s of the black music scene, it’s certainly made the culture way more available and accessible to a much larger demographic of UK music fans !!

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The Mixtape – Lifeline Of the Rap Game !!!!

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You gotta recognise that the mixtape has been around since the mid 80’s, a pivotal part of US Hip Hop culture.

For years’ the major labels and distribution entities were not committing financially to the rap world and participants creatively compiled their body of works and put it on cassette tapes.

A promo method even bypassing unsupportive radio, over the decades this has been the backbone of independent rap artists new projects  getting heard and to the relevant music community.

… initially for free (loool)

Whilst over the last three decades Hip Hop has grown to be the defining youth culture across the pond and its influence more globally, the mixtape has always been the musical dialogue that won you fans. !!!!!

The more modern music world of streams /downloads and the UK rap community having a better relationship with distribution companies has benefitted us with product which has been entering the national charts..


Giggs – Now Or Never

..catapulted to having the responsibility and the position as the father of modern UK rap, Giggs has been dominant domestically and forged US collab’s with Drake, B.o.B.,

This new project has Emile Sande, Dave, A Boogie With A Hoodie, amongst others, typically honest Giggs life commentary and modern rap beats.

Potter Payper  – Training Day 3

…had created traction on the UK rap scene as long ago as seven years ago. Payper’s pen game has always been his major gravitational pull with rap DJ’s.

East London youth who blatantly and continuously rapped about drugs and the thriving drug distribution operation, went to jail for a few years after a police swoop.

An early release in the summer of 2020 allowed Potter to release his superfluous real lyrical mixtape which debuted at number 3 in the UK national charts. This really is ‘bout the bars 😊

Busta Rhymes – Extinction Level Event 2

One of the most successful artists from US rap world, Busta was a member of his old rap group Leaders of The New School and had chart success in the early nineties. After going solo in the mid nineties, he’s  been fortunate to  release music for 3 decades strong. Never forgetting his Caribbean heritage, Busta now and then embarks on an authentic Jamaican yardie flow with authentic patios. A seasoned artist who has worked with many greats, this mixtape features Anderson Paak, Bell Biv Devoe, Rakim, Kendrick Lamar and others.

Blac Youngsta – F*ck Everybody 3

…repping Memphis, Tennessee.. Blac has that deep southern accent and twang in his flow..

Bouncy southern style rap production, a huge emphasis to sing a long choruses in the writing.

Lil Baby, Swae Lee, Lil Durk, Yo Gotti and others collab on this new mixtape.

C MoneThe Monday Book Club

…stalwart and unique female member of the Notts rap scene, some of her rap contributions being part of the legendary lyrical UK rap collective ‘Out Da Ville’

A crew from St Ann’s who managed to tour nationally in the early 2000s. C Mone released a few projects on UK indie rap labels.

She managed to feature on Mike Skinner’s (The Streets) project and also on a Baby J album, this mini mixtape new offering embraces acoustic/folk style production and a few boom bap style joints.

Lyrical content and pen game  is from a female perspective and addresses immediate social issues.

DutchavelliDutch From Da 5th

Initially spending some time  in Rotterdam, Holland..  (big up my Amsterdam fam DJ 360).

Dutch and his sister Stefflon Don came to the UK young and soon integrated to UK rap life and culture, 2020 has been an interesting year from  being investigated by police for Black Lives matter posts  to chart hits.

He has featured on collabs with M1llionz , Tion Wanye, Stormzy to name a few.. his new mixtape is here !!!

Still embracing predominantly Trap style production and double time flow, it def represents the current soundtrack of UK youth.


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Hip Hop & The 2020 USA Presidential Election !!!!!!

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Well… what can I say… the calendric year 2020 has certainly been an eventful one in  more ways than one.

Biblical health issues have gripped every continent with Covid 19 at the start of the year and ironically it has returned with a similar ferocity at the end of the year.

Historical social issues affecting black people and equality are still shown to be prevalent in western policing with the death of George Floyd.

The general consensus is that the USA Presidential election on November 3rd 2020 is to be one of the most significant for perhaps decades.

I have been both privileged and fortunate to work and be immersed in the music industry and specifically  black music culture and Rap/Hip Hop for nearly 3 decades..

(DJing, club running, becoming A&R at labels etc…) !

Hip Hop music has been the predominant growing  culture in America for over two decades with the youth demographic, stretching back  to the introduction of the Billboard Hot Rap Singles Chart in 1989.

These artists / executives / label owners etc now have digital and financial influence influencing radio stations and huge social media platforms.

We are less than a calendar week away from knowing who wins the USA Presidential election, will it remain Republican led by Donald Trump for another 4 years.

Perhaps it will be a fresh start for the Democrat’s with a Joe Biden victory, we look at Hip Hop’s role in trying to get the culture to VOTE !!!!

Rappers who have turned to acting and some to politics, nevertheless under much scrutiny have all been liasing with members of both parties.

Polow Da Don has given Donald Trump shoutouts, Kanye West, 50 Cent and Ice Cube have met and had dialogue with Donald Trump’s administration. Snoop Dogg has called Donald Trump  A Racist.

Common has relentlessly pushed the message to vote for Joe Biden, Puff Daddy and his media platforms are supporting #BlackPeopleGoVote for the Democrats

Cardi B has had a direct media spat involving Melania Trump, Chance The Rapper has encouraged the electorate to ‘Vote The Same As Your Mothers’

Michelle Obama has contributed a Hip Hop playlist to several blogs to encourage voting. The logistic election experts are predicting this may be the largest election turnout by both black and Spanish voters.

Who will be President of the USA on the morning of Wednesday Nov 4 th ????


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NOLA Resistance – Put That Hammer Down !!!

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The NOLA Resistance is a New Orleanian music collective composed of noted Blues, Jazz and Funk musicians, each with years of experience and success in their own right.

Their sound features big horns and funky rhythms accented with smooth vocals and follows in the tradition of bands like Cool Enterprise, the Meter’s and Chocolate Milk.

These musicians know plenty about camaraderie and creativity, they’ve worked with musical royalty :- Dr. John, Cyril Neville, Allen Toussaint, Tony!Toni!Tone! to name a few.

The beats are designed to get the floor shaking, yet the musicians always make sure they communicate.

Continuing from the international appeal and support of  ‘The Resistance Will Not Be Televised’ from radio  supporters of Jazz / Funk / Soul / RnB…

Nola Resistance continue with a new release ‘Put That Hammer Down’ and it’s a continuation of positive social commentary from the New Orleans funk band.

‘Put That Hammer Down’ commentates on New Orleans, a community overrun with gun violence often stemming from absent parents and broken homes.

Young men are often peer-pressured into violent acts against people in their own community.

The ‘Nola Resistance’ is bringing a message of peace, love, and community spirit to “resist” forces at work that erode local culture, drive out the poor, and fray the bonds of community.

In the recent worldwide embrace of specifically Black Lives Matter and the humane notion of All Live Matter after the tragic death of George Floyd. The ‘Nola Resistance’ are encouraging a seizure of unnecessary killings in the community by its own members and that of law enforcement authorities against people of colour.

Every bold-lettered word is an exhortation for a change, every frame is a prayer for equality and justice for all, The ‘Nola Resistance’

Click on the photo below to watch  : –

The Nola Resistance – Put That Hammer Down



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Virtual Notting Hill Carnival 2020

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It is fair to say that 2020 has been a year like NO other !!!!!!

For the first time in its 54 year history, there will not be the annual west London open air celebration of Caribbean culture mingling in the streets encompassing over 1 million people during the August bank holiday weekend. This Covid 19 menace has certainly affected every aspect of life since its arrival to the world in Jan 2020, during the modern digital age there has been some form of strategy assembled to still give the people a celebration… be it a digital one.

It became an annual event of music, food, colour and dancing since 1966 and this year is no exception all be it a viral and live streamed extravaganza. The Notting Hill Carnival organisers in conjunction with the local borough of Kensington and Chelsea have already filmed events, across the course of a month.

The Notting Hill carnival gets underway with a countdown on a giant screen in Piccadilly Circus, at 7 am on Friday morning, and followed by live streamed online events.

These celebrations are to be  livestreamed for free across four channels on the Notting Hill Carnival website.

The events are free to watch but you have to register on the website to get access and to be involved.

The food has always been a pivotal ingredient of the event, there once again will be Jerk chicken, curried goat, rice and peas, roti etc !

The traditional genres of music being Soca / Calypso presented by steel bands and DJ sound systems and in more recent years contemporary genres of Reggae, Hip Hip, R&B, Funk and House music

Legendary DJ participants of the Carnival such as Rampage Sound and King Tubby’s will have live streamed DJ sets whilst steelpan bands Ebony and Mangrove will have pre-recorded performances streamed.

Notting Hill Carnival Access All Areas 2020 will be streamed for free over four channels on Aug 29, 6pm-midnight and Aug 30 and 31, 9am-11pm.

For details visit

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Return Of The Live Music Gig 🎤

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Booooooyy, so literally since the middle of March the music industry has seen some unprecedented abnormalities. The immediate closure of Live music venues, night clubs, music festivals, carnivals from a global reach has left many a participant financially implicated for the duration of Covid 19. This turn of events has for obvious reasons engaged a large percentage of music lovers to pursue with numerous streaming services available to them at present. We are approaching fiscal quarter number 3 and regardless of musical genre.. the artists / brands / labels have managed to engineer and provide a live feed.


The UK authorities announced that from August 1st 2020 as part of Phase 4 of England’s Covid 19 reopening plans, socially distanced theatres, music halls and other venues can allow for indoor audiences following a ‘successful’ pilot program at the London Symphony.

There has also been a specifically engineered socially distanced Virgin Money Unity Arena in Newcastle where builders have modified the city’s racetrack to accommodate 500 viewing platforms.  Allowing a maximum attendance of 2,500 people allowed, the work force for this entertainment industry is heavily self employed and makes up at least 70 percent of this employment sector.



There is currently no indication when bands will be able to get together to practice, yet alone to perform in a packed venue…  many publications have indicated that the live music venues with a full audience  may not return until the 1st quarter of 2022.

In order for the majority of these Live music venues to operate, the requirement of extra staff for data collection, seating, refreshments and general people management will prove to be economically insecure judging on the model scenarios trialed.


Key fans of an artist / band regardless of music genre live to ‘meet and greet’, perhaps even get memorabilia signed by their favourite artists’.. all of these interactions would be unavailable whilst engaging the modern post Corona socially distanced strategy for gigs. The models tested prove to be financially detrimental for merch sales, food and beverages at these events.


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Rap 4 Your Moms 🎤

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The passing of a loved one is always a tragic and emotional experience.. with multi award winning rapper and producer Kanye West paying homage to his deceased moms.

Here Donda (his mother) is heard spitting bars from the classic KRS 1 song ‘Sound Of Da Police’ and YE appropriately pays homage with a collab.

Kanye West ‘Donda’

We take you on a transatlantic look at other rappers in the culture who have addressed their relationships with their mama in verse.

Be it a loving one or one of difficulty, these wordsmiths have put pen to paper and vocals to mic and let their sincere feelings be heard.

USA !!

Mac Miller Feat Phonte – I’ll Be There

Foxy Brown Feat Ronald Isley – The Letter

Saigon – If…(My Mommy)

Rick Ross Feat CeeLo Green – Smile Mama, Smile

Beanie Sigel Feat Scarface – Mom Praying

Chance The Rapper – Hey Ma


UK !

JP Cooper Feat Stormzy – Momma’s Prayers

Giggs – You Raised Me / Open Up

Loyle Carner Feat Mum, Dad – Sun Of Jean

Fredo – Love You for That

Wretch 32 – Mummy’s Boy

Mike GLC – Mother

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