What can I say huh ? 2020 has been an absolute madness year….

With disease, sports events, politricks and human disater….

With there being many ‘lockdowns’ globally, the United Kingdom has been at the epicentre of world media.

Thankfully with the majority of the country embracing digital technology, many digital DJ’s kept transmission poppin’..

Loss of lives internationally, from Kobe Bryant and  Andre Herrel to UK’s very own rap dons Black The Ripper and TY.

I just figured let me give y’all ten dope ass female UK rappers that I’ve been feelin and reppin in 2020 on the BigPromoShow !

… streamed each and every week in the UK & the USA !!!!! @itch.fm & otr.la

Click the images below to  👀  the rappers vids !!!!

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