Mungzmedia has a one to one with A&R Thad Baron.

The role of an A&R is historically one of great stature and attaches itself with the awe of peers and musicians alike. Think, Quincy Jones, Rick Rubin, LA Reid and you think of amazing artists such as Michael Jackson, Jay Z and Mariah Carey. The catalyst to success can usually lie with an A&R and I was intrigued to find out what the role of an A&R really entails. Who better to speak to than Thad Boogie, a heavyweight in the British music. (READ More)

LONDON BRIDGES: Thad Baron, urban A&R manager at London-based Universal Music Publishing (UMP), is a man on a mission. He’s working on several projects in an effort to …(READ More)

‘BRITISH HIP-HOP GROWS UP’ Thad is quoted … (READ More)

Big Music Project Meets: A&R Mogul Thad Baron… (READ More)