Slick Rick – The Return To Blighty !!!

By November 27, 2016 Blog


It’s a Saturday evening in the big smoke and apart from waiting to peep the latest results in the English Premier Football League and an encapsulating last race in the Abhu Dhabi F1 World Champs..I’m gassed / excited, even anxious to go see Slick Rick in concert tonight in leafy Kentish Town.

MC Ricky D, like sooo many of my Carribbean immigrant bredren’s have a similar story, parents / grandparent’s came to the UK / Canada or the States in search of a life with more oppurtunities. My early teens were immersed in all aspects of Hip Hop, witnessing breakdancing at the Olympics ceremony in LA and after spending the summer of 1984 in Toronto with my cousins I embraced the UK expat Slick Rick when he burst unto the music scene.

Having worked in music for decades plus, I have been priviledged to see most of my fav rap artists but never Slick Rick, I was punctually early and caught the full line up of artists and festivities which heralded a plethora of quality UK acts. The famette Amy True, a gifted wordsmith and affiliated with Logic Army held court to a captive audience with live drummer.

Durrty Goodz, Ransome Badbonez, Hijack, DJ Supreme and Billy Bizzniss all represented the UK to the fullest with their performances to an atmospheric an exuberant audience.

Click the image below to see their performance :-


The most popular UK support act on the night was definitely the don gargan Rodney P (London Possee). Joined on stage by the revered (DJ 279 pka Numbers). He duly ran through a selection of his profound catalogue spanning over two decades.

Click the image below to watch Rodney P in action :-


The headline act and star of the show; truly entered centre stage to stupendous applause…joined for the full performance with the duo songstresses named ‘The Rickets’. With costume changes and a catalogue of hits from Mona Lisa, La Di Da Di, Children’s Stories, Hey Young World, Lick The Balls, The Show, etc the performance was truly memorable.

Click the image below to watch Slick Rick enter center stage :-


Click the image below to watch Slick Rick perform ‘The Show’ :-



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