NYC – Will Hip Hop Help with the new President Elect ?

By November 20, 2016 Blog


So after traversing the Atlantic for over two decades and been an ambassador for Hip Hop and Rap culture via numerous record companies and brands; I have been privy to witness the inauguration of the first Afro American president in 2008. Hussein Barack Obama was duly elected with a huge demographic.of youth voters. The modern world of social media heralded a new platform in the collating of information and penetrative direct advertising. From Jay Z, to Wyclef Jean, Killer Mike to Talib Kweli; a multitude of politically aware Hip Hop personnel giving Obama’s campaign momentum.

It’s a warmish day in November and it’s British Airways touch down in JFK and its election week USA.. Stateside news and the weekly interaction with worldwide listeners via my Itch FM #BigPromoShow has kept me well informed as to the sentiment and mindset of many a Hip Hop loving US citizen. Of course I’m gna be doing a lil obligatory tourist ish in the big apple (just coz) but predominantly it’s sit downs with beat makers and record label personnel.

Penn Street enroute to hotel :-


On day one, my Canarsie producer Music 4 LIfe, scooped me from the hotel and we were rolling, it was road a trip to White Plains, South Bronx to link beatmaker Jack O Beats; who is currently working with the rekindled Ultramagnetic MCs.

The Tuesday (day of election) was tense and expectant; even though there had been a positive endorsement for Hilary Clinton from many RnB/Hip Hop stars (Jay Z, BeyoncĂ©) and many within the acting community (Robert De Niro), the realists and observers of UK’s recent Brexit were more wary. The honest front page headline of the very popular New York Post newspaper reflecting the true sentiments of the city and many more across the USA.


I managed to get to a few vote spots and peep the sentiments and ethnic demographics of the voting populous.

Peep the line downtown East Manhattan.

Click the image below !


Election night was stuntin at the trendy meat packing district Apt 732 with the famette Tanya Brown, my longtime homie from the world of publishing A&R and management. The soiree, an intimate rendezvous hosted by Salt n Peppa, with lavish drinks; nibbles and ensuite Jacuzzi.

And the President Elect 2016 is :-


On the night after Trump’s historic victory; the people of New York when to his swanky plave of abode Trump Tower to protest. Click the image below :-


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