Return Of The Live Music Gig 🎤

By August 3, 2020 Blog


Booooooyy, so literally since the middle of March the music industry has seen some unprecedented abnormalities. The immediate closure of Live music venues, night clubs, music festivals, carnivals from a global reach has left many a participant financially implicated for the duration of Covid 19. This turn of events has for obvious reasons engaged a large percentage of music lovers to pursue with numerous streaming services available to them at present. We are approaching fiscal quarter number 3 and regardless of musical genre.. the artists / brands / labels have managed to engineer and provide a live feed.


The UK authorities announced that from August 1st 2020 as part of Phase 4 of England’s Covid 19 reopening plans, socially distanced theatres, music halls and other venues can allow for indoor audiences following a ‘successful’ pilot program at the London Symphony.

There has also been a specifically engineered socially distanced Virgin Money Unity Arena in Newcastle where builders have modified the city’s racetrack to accommodate 500 viewing platforms.  Allowing a maximum attendance of 2,500 people allowed, the work force for this entertainment industry is heavily self employed and makes up at least 70 percent of this employment sector.



There is currently no indication when bands will be able to get together to practice, yet alone to perform in a packed venue…  many publications have indicated that the live music venues with a full audience  may not return until the 1st quarter of 2022.

In order for the majority of these Live music venues to operate, the requirement of extra staff for data collection, seating, refreshments and general people management will prove to be economically insecure judging on the model scenarios trialed.


Key fans of an artist / band regardless of music genre live to ‘meet and greet’, perhaps even get memorabilia signed by their favourite artists’.. all of these interactions would be unavailable whilst engaging the modern post Corona socially distanced strategy for gigs. The models tested prove to be financially detrimental for merch sales, food and beverages at these events.


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